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The development of video camera technology for several years is fairly rapid. Video cameras have evolved both in terms of size and technology used so that more and more users. Even now a mobile phone is already equipped with a quality video camera feature that is satisfying.

Not enough video recording, we are often driven to create more creativity. For example editing videos that are owned for personal documentation or to be shared through social media. If you are a creative professional who has brilliant ideas, editing software is the right way to compile pieces of moving images into a wholes that is good to watch.

Now, as the video camera develops, video editing software is now certainly more and more. Some of them offer many interesting features that can help us realize creativity such as kiu kiu online, Adobe Premier Elements, CyberLink PowerDirector, Vegas Video Editing, and so on. You can consider the following criteria before choosing which video editing software to choose.

Video Capture / Playback

This feature works to import videos from video cameras into computers with various formats. A video editing software must have this feature to help you move images from the video camera to the computer. You also have to see how well the program will play the video during the editing process. Some applications have intermittent video players making it difficult to see the final product.

Best Video Editor
Best Video Editor

Ease of use

There is nothing more frustrating when you buy an application that is difficult to use. Therefore, choose video editing software that is quite simple / easy to use according to you. There is no point in buying the program if it makes the job more difficult. Vid Reaper is the winner of this. It is the most convenient software there is for video editing.

Editing Tools

This is the part where we can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the video editing software that we buy. The more complete the editing tools the software has, the easier it will be for us to realize our creativity in the video. Tools that need to be available include storyboarding and timeline layouts, video stabilizers, and the ability to add text to videos.

Export / Production

After creating with editing, of course we want to immediately see the end result right? Now, with this export / production option we can save edited movies / videos. But keep in mind, good software also provides a variety of video storage formats, for example MPEG, AVI, MOV, and so on.

Export or Production
Export or Production

Effects / Transitions

This feature is very vital and must be in the video editing software. This feature serves to “refine” the change of one image to another, so that the image does not appear to jump roughly. Some software / applications even provide 3D effects to produce a more vivid image.

Disc Creation

Unlike the export features above, the Disc Creation feature functions to make edited movies present in formats such as CDs or DVDs. Has a menu, dividing the film into several chapters, and so on. Usually software that is already equipped with this feature will also be able to burn CDs or DVDs directly.

More or less, those are some features that you should consider when choosing video editing software. But please also note that video editing software usually requires high computer specifications.