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In order to record the depth of an object, the videographer needs to do full zoom-in and blur the background. However, this step sometimes makes the sound produced by the object not recorded clearly. The solution, recording must be done twice, from close range to take the voice and from a distance to get the desired image. When editing, audio obtained up close can be inserted into a video recorded remotely.

Use the Noise Filter

Even though the video is recorded in a really quiet room, there is still noise generated when the volume editing process is increased. The fix is ​​to use the noise filter available in video editing applications.


If the recording sound is difficult to hear or has a lot of noise, do dubbing (change of sound) on the video. Although a little complicated, but effective enough to overcome the two problems.


Audio Normalization

The purpose of normalizing audio is so that the sound produced can be balanced. For example, the video is given a song as a background. In order to make music not too prominent or dominate the film, audio normalization needs to be done. Make the sound fit, not too loud, but also not too slow, so it does not interfere with the contents of the video displayed. The key is to pay attention to the audio meter bar which usually moves up and down when the movie is playing. Do not let the sound level exceed the existing limit.

Audio Normalization
Audio Normalization

Check again

Before pressing save, you should check the video that was just edited. Watch from beginning to end to find out if there are errors or parts that have been added. This step must always be done so that the film produced is good and satisfying.

Patience is needed when someone is editing a video, given the slightly complicated process. Starting from choosing images that are clear and have good angles, insert animations and transitions, insert music to adjust audio. It must be done as well and neatly as possible so that the details of the video are seen and heard clearly.

In addition, video editing also requires a long time. Just a 4 minute film can spend a whole day to edit it. Even so, do not give up so that the video you want to watch can be satisfying.

Some professional editors have submitted tips that need to be done if someone wants to succeed in the profession. According to Arfadia Maijon Gafitri’s Motion Graphic Designer and Video Editor, an editor must have an artistic sense, skills related to audio and video.

They should be sensitive to the world, sharp reasoning, high initiative, adaptive and responsible ability, able to work in teams and be healthy and healthy and not illiterate. An editor must also be able to imagine, have an artistic soul. They also need to possess technical skills in the field of editing and have a taste, both in programs that contain drama and comedy so that their edits can reach the audience.