How to Import Video

How to Import Video to Reaper. Reaper is a video editing application that is available for OS, Windows, and Linux users. If you want to start a career as a video editor or maybe a vlogger that demands the ability to edit videos then you need to consider using this application for your daily work.

For those of you who are just learning, we provide a simple tutorial for using Reaper along with the features provided in full. Read the full article below!

Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper
Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper

Get to know the Reaper Feature

Before you learn to use Reaper, it’s a good idea to get to know the user interface, features, and terms used in this application. See the picture above and the following is an explanation based on the number that is printed.

Project: It is a column that contains video or sound. You can move files from a computer by sliding them to this column. The file will automatically be available and ready for editing. In this column, you can also edit transfers or transitions between videos and edit sound.

Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper
Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper

Sequence: This is a column for editing. You only need to drag the file you want to edit in the project column. You can overlap up to 3 videos and 3 audios at a time. In this column, you can cut and merge files.

Program: This is a real-time preview of the video you are editing. When you play a video that is being edited it will appear in this column.

Source: Contains info about the video or sound that you are currently using. In this column, you can also edit the sound or color tone in more detail.

How to Import Video on Reaper

After you get to know the look and features available in Reaper. Here are the ways you can follow to edit videos and important things you must do before the editing process.

Step 1: Open the Software and Manage the Project

First of all, open your Reaper software. Then click on the New Project, or simply press Ctrl+N. Then you will face a new window to give your new project a name if you want to. You can also choose what kind of project this is to give the software “a little knowledge” about what you are going to do.

Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper
Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper

Step 2: Transfer Files

The next step you need to move the video and audio files in the Project panel by moving the file from the computer to the column. After all the files are in the panel you can now do the editing process. This step will move your video and audio into an editable board. also read features in vid reaper

Previously, we strongly advised you to provide video and audio numbers or layout tags. This really helps you in the editing process. Therefore, make a storyboard or story outline first.

Those steps above are the steps to get you the first start about how to import video to Reaper. Now, you can start your editing. We also have the tutorial for editing in other articles on this site.