Video like a Pro

Now to record a moment with video media is even easier. One can use a digital camera or even a cellphone to get it. But, that does not mean the resulting image can be as cool as the shows on TV. There is an editing process that must be passed to make the ‘raw’ video look interesting.

The process itself is easy, especially if well studied. Moreover, currently many tutorials are spread on the internet. But, to get better and quality results, editors need to apply the following tips:

Import Video

Before entering the editing stage, the first thing to do is to move the raw video into the application software. Simply open the folder where the video is placed, hold and drag it to the application that has been opened. Alternatively, press the file menu and open, then select the video you want to edit. Generally, the software will change the video in a certain format, according to the form and application used.

import video
import video

Eliminate unnecessary parts

It’s a good idea to always sort through the content that you want to display so the video results are cooler. If it is a compilation of several moments, the sorting is important, but still connected and able to make an impact after being watched. Similarly, if the video type of live action. In essence, insert images or scenes that really need to be displayed and delete unnecessary parts. This is so that the duration of the video is shorter and does not make people bored when seeing it.

Use Some Necessary Effects (not too much)

Video recording can be maximized by providing several effects. The picture will look more alive and interesting to watch. There are various transitions that can be used, for example adjust, blur, sharpen, add images and text and much more. Please be creative by trying these filters one by one. For example, the title text can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of the video. Or add certain animations to make the video look entertaining.

Use Some Necessary Effects
Edit Video like a Pro and use Some Necessary Effects

But, don’t overdo it in inserting the effect because besides being tacky, it will eliminate the impression or the message you want to convey. Use only what is needed so that people are more comfortable when watching and can catch the message they want to say.

Enter music as a final touch

Besides effects, videos are also more lively when given backsong or background music. So, as long as the film runs, there are instruments that go along with it. But, do not carelessly choose music, adjust to the video topic. For example, for a themed tutorial, embed upbeat or mid-beat genre music. When inserting songs with vocals or lyrics, keep the voices of the singer and the person who speaks the dialogue clashing. Or, enter vocals in the section where there is no dialogue. Also adjust the change of shots and speed with the beat of the music used.

That’s you manage to get your video edited like a professional TV video editor with Vid Reaper. Now, it’s time to put it on practice.