How to Edit Video Easily

How to Edit Video Easily on Reaper Using Hidden Shortcuts!. Video editing can be tough. Sometimes you need to catch a deadline. So, in order to make things faster than it usually is, you get to know some shortcuts.

How to Edit Video Easily
How to Edit Video Easily

Start Editing

Okay, before we get to the shortcuts, we better start with the editing process itself. First, open your Reaper application and click on “New Project”. Then, you’ll see some panels.

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To do the editing process, take the file on ‘Project’ panel and move it to the ‘Sequence’ panel. Video files placed in the panel will contain two formats, video, and audio. If you use external audio, you can move the audio in audio column 1 by removing the default audio. How:

Right-click on the file in ‘Sequence’ then select ‘Unlink’. Automatic video and audio files will separate and you can delete by clicking audio 1 and press ‘delete’ on the keyboard.

How to Edit Video Easily
editing process

In this part of the sequence,

you can cut the scene by scene. It’s easy to click ‘C’ on the keyboard and then press enter on the keyboard for the scene you want to cut. Delete the part that you don’t want to use.

There are lots of shortcuts that you can use on Reaper. However, we wouldn’t mention them all right here. But, we will give you the first aid. Yup, these are several popular keyboard shortcuts that you can use on Reaper.

  • CTRL + N = New Window / New Project
  •  + SHIFT + T = Add Song
  •  + A = Choose the whole track
  •  + O = Open Project
  •  + SHIFT + S = Save As
  •  + Z = Undo
  •  + S = Save
  •  + SHIFT + Z = redo
  •  + R = Repeat previous step with exactly the same parameter
  • + F = Find your sequence

As you can see, many shortcuts are just standards. Hopefully, by using these shortcuts, you can do the editing process more efficiently. However, it takes time to remember them all. But along with an increasing working hour on Reaper, you will get over it.

How to Edit Video Easily
How to Edit Video Easily

Rendering Process

If the video you have edited and become a complete story. Then it’s time to do the rendering process. In contrast, to photo editing files that only have to be ‘Save As’ only, to produce a long video a process of unification is known as rendering.

This process takes a long time depending on the duration and quality of the content to be produced. The more complicated the editing process, the rendering process will certainly take hours. Make sure you have an adequate computer or laptop!

To render, click ‘File’ located in the top left corner. Then select ‘Export’ and ‘Media’.

A pop-up setting window will appear. You will be asked to set the video format (.mp4, .avi, .3gp, etc.). If you want to produce the best quality check the ‘Use Maximum Render Quality’ option.

If you are sure of the settings please click ‘Export’. Then the rendering process will run. Wait until it gets to 100%.