How to Edit Via5 Mistakes only Fooldeo Easily

5 Mistakes only Fool Beginner Video Editors Make. Video editing is one of the most important post-production steps. Whether you are uploading it to YouTube or to any other platform, you can’t post videos without editing, no matter how good your video is when it was taken.

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So, let’s jump to the main topic. Before you start editing your video using Reaper Video Editor software, make sure you know these editing mistakes only fool beginners make.

  1. Video Full of Images

The most common thing we see on YouTube is a video that only displays a few pictures. Obviously, this certainly has less value in the eyes of the audience, including me, and you guys. Therefore, if you are a beginner editor. Try to edit using your own footage. It can be taken using a cellphone camera, DSLR camera, or a Go-Pro camera.

This is certainly better than you just making a video using images (not to mention the Google translate sound). However, take it easy if you still want to make videos using images, I suggest you make them not static and must use images with high resolution.

5 Mistakes only Fool
5 Mistakes
  1. Poor Storyline

For those of you who are only beginner video editing certainly do not understand this. When you finish taking footage. Then the next step is editing, this is where we need the name of the storyline so that the results of our video can be more interesting than just editing the video, we just need to continue to add transitions, then love the text.

What is the point? The point is as a connector of the integrity of the video so that it does not look jumping when edited. Of course, it’s very bad. Not the purpose of mocking other people’s content.

5 Mistakes only Fool
Poor Storyline
  1. Poor Back Sound Selection

Yes, song or back sound in video editing is very important. So that the video does not look dry and more contained, then in addition to the storyline, the back sound selection is also important. However, make sure the background that we use matches the theme of the video.

5 Mistakes only Fool
Poor Back Sound Selection
  1. Bad Color Grading/Video Coloring

If this is of course you already know, coloring our editing results is very important so that the image does not look flat and rough. So for you beginners to try grading your videos to taste. If you feel the grading is good enough, please proceed to add some text as a description of the video.

  1. Poor Choice of Effect or Symbol

Last but not least, pay attention to effects and symbols. Most beginner editors like to add effects that are incompatible with their videos. He said to look cool but actually looks tacky. For example, text that suddenly hovers everywhere, symbols, or emoticons that cover the video. Not only will it block the true message of the video, it just makes it look tacky and disgusting.

Okay, so now you know what happens when you start editing without proper knowledge. You can at least avoid those mistakes above to some degree so that even if you are a beginner, you don’t embarrass yourself with your poorly edited video.