How to Edit Video Easily

Digital era makes everything possible. There are many inventions to support everything we need including for business purpose like Vid Reaper Video. This is one of the most sought software for video marketing. Lots of instances now pay attention more on digital marketing. Everything is used to maximize the impact and increase the profit in return.

Website is one of the most used tools for internet marketing. However, video now has become one of the most advantageous tools to be used as well in internet marketing. Thus, the use of software like vid reaper is absolutely helpful to help building the business at

video reaper
Vid Reaper Video

SEO is common in internet marketing. It is also related directly and indirectly to video marketing. You may have noticed from a very long time ago that the numbers of video in YouTube keeps increasing day by day. The number of viewer also keeps increasing and that is what makes video marketers choose this strategy to approach more clients and customers. Through video marketing, the chance to gain more profit is open wider. However, as said earlier that the number of people uploading videos keep increasing. As the results, the video competes to one another. To be on the top rank, you need reliable tool such as vid reaper video.

Vid Reaper in video marketing

Just like search engine like Google, there is also video marketing search you need to aware if you are going to build your business through video. With vid reaper however, you cut the edge of it by reliable system. Vid Reaper system digs out, researches, as well as qualifies valuable new niches and keywords for video marketing. It goes on for 24 hours every day. If you want to be a successful video marketer, this software is a must have tool you need since the system is promising.

vid video reaper
vid video reaper

The software’s original name is Vid Reaper Pro and it was launched back then on 29th August 2017. The creator of this tool is Matt Garrett. The Pro version is priced in $67-$97. This tool is categorized into marketing education. It has been recommended by many video marketers around the world since it works perfectly fine to fulfill your demand in video marketing.

By using this tool, you have higher and steadier chance to earn profit easily since you can put hottest trends in today’s video market. Even though the original name is Vid Reaper Pro, this tool is applicable for both beginner and professional video marketers. With this tool, you can easily find profitable titles, topic, and keywords.

Reliable Tools for Video Marketer

Thus, you can dominate video marketers generally. This tool is a great option because in fact it is hard to find profitable topics rank. If you are video marketer, you also know that it is hard to receive raw data on how to get your video to be on the top rank on Google search. There are millions video uploaded everyday. Without reliable tool, it is hard to compete with other videos. Thus, this software truly is a savior to help you build your business.

vid video reaper
vid video reaper

Vid reaper video software can sort through more than 60 million videos especially on YouTube and find profitable ones. Thus, you can outrank them to put you on the top list. If you are the beginner in video marketing and have no clue how to use this tool, you don’t have to worry because the package has been completed with full training tutorial videos. The tutorial is not only about how to use this software but also how to maximize every chance and potential of the best video niches and earn profit from them.

How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper
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How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper

How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper. All cool films with extraordinary cinematography are usually produced from cameras and unusual editing processes. With limitations, there are times when we are required to be more creative. Therefore, the following I will explain how to make a normal video can be a cinematic video only with the help of Reaper video editing software.

How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper
How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper

How to Make Cinematic Video Using Reaper Color Grading

First, of course, we have to prepare the video that we want to edit. Then open the Reaper video editing software application. Next, I will explain how the process is, check this out!

  • To make this, the following are the steps:
  • First we click File> Project> Then Name the Project> Click OK
  • Then Import Video (Ctrl + I) or by other means click the file then import
  • Drag the video to the place that has been given an arrow as below
  • After that, Right Click in the Empty Area in the Reaper video editing software> Add New Item> Then make an Adjustment Layer
  • Click OK
  • Then Drag the Adjustment Layer into the video column that has been given an arrow as in the picture
  • After everything is done, go to Effect
  • Type in the Search Button: Color> Drag Color to the Adjustment layer
  • Continue to click Editing> press Down Arrow> In Input, Click the Drop-Down Arrow
  • Click the browser to find Color Grading that suits each taste
  • Press OK after selecting Color Grading
  • Add a title by clicking File> New> Title
  • Select the Box as in the picture> Make the same rectangle as an example> Then Exit
  • Drag Title that has been made to the Video column
  • Click the Adjustment layer once> Then go to Editing> Please search for Curves by clicking the down arrow> There will be Faded Film (select as needed)
How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper
How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper

Additional tips on Video Shooting to make Cinematic Videos

Aspect Ratio!

The standard aspect ratio of a digital camera is 16: 9. This means that the ratio of the length and width of your image is 16: 9. The ratio standards used by the film industry are 2.35: 1 and 1.85: 1. This means that the image produced the resulting image feels longer.


How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper
How to Make Cinematic Video on Reaper

Prime lens

The lens is a key factor in the images produced. Videos will look more film-like and cinematic if you choose the lens well. Most films are taken with a prime lens. What is the prime lens? The prime lens is a fixed lens with 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm focal length. Use these lenses instead of zoom lenses such as 24-70mm, 24-105mm, etc.

Narrow Opening

Most digital video cameras always use narrow openings, starting from f / 8.0, f / 11.0, etc. As a result, the image feels not sharp because the sharp space (depth of field) is very wide. Try using wide openings such as f / 2.8, f / 3.5, or f / 5.6.

Use 24 FPS

Most digital camera default settings use a frame rate of 30fps or 60fps. This means that the image produced every second is 30 images or 60 images. Meanwhile, the film camera frame rate is 24fps. Some digital cameras now have a 24fps frame rate feature. Use the frame rate if you want to get a cinematic feel.

How to Import Video to Reaper
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How to Import Video to Reaper

How to Import Video to Reaper. Reaper is a video editing application that is available for OS, Windows, and Linux users. If you want to start a career as a video editor or maybe a vlogger that demands the ability to edit videos then you need to consider using this application for your daily work.

For those of you who are just learning, we provide a simple tutorial for using Reaper along with the features provided in full. Read the full article below!

Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper
Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper

Get to know the Reaper Feature

Before you learn to use Reaper, it’s a good idea to get to know the user interface, features, and terms used in this application. See the picture above and the following is an explanation based on the number that is printed.

Project: It is a column that contains video or sound. You can move files from a computer by sliding them to this column. The file will automatically be available and ready for editing. In this column, you can also edit transfers or transitions between videos and edit sound.

Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper
Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper

Sequence: This is a column for editing. You only need to drag the file you want to edit in the project column. You can overlap up to 3 videos and 3 audios at a time. In this column, you can cut and merge files.

Program: This is a real-time preview of the video you are editing. When you play a video that is being edited it will appear in this column.

Source: Contains info about the video or sound that you are currently using. In this column, you can also edit the sound or color tone in more detail.

How to Import Video on Reaper

After you get to know the look and features available in Reaper. Here are the ways you can follow to edit videos and important things you must do before the editing process.

Step 1: Open the Software and Manage the Project

First of all, open your Reaper software. Then click on the New Project, or simply press Ctrl+N. Then you will face a new window to give your new project a name if you want to. You can also choose what kind of project this is to give the software “a little knowledge” about what you are going to do.

Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper
Cara Mengimpor Video ke Reaper

Step 2: Transfer Files

The next step you need to move the video and audio files in the Project panel by moving the file from the computer to the column. After all the files are in the panel you can now do the editing process. This step will move your video and audio into an editable board. also read features in vid reaper

Previously, we strongly advised you to provide video and audio numbers or layout tags. This really helps you in the editing process. Therefore, make a storyboard or story outline first.

Those steps above are the steps to get you the first start about how to import video to Reaper. Now, you can start your editing. We also have the tutorial for editing in other articles on this site.

How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing
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How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing

How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing. Strict copyright regulations will make it very difficult for us to creatively add music to our video. As video editors, we might want to have an unlimited choice of music to match each scene.

Well, calm down, you don’t have to worry about those things. Here, we will discuss about at least 3 ways to get free music for your video to add while you are editing on Reaper.

How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing
How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing


  1. YouTube Audio Library

Youtube has had a lot of resources for video editing for years. But, people in general don’t really know that it’s there. Now, you can utilize those free music to give a touch of creativity into your video editing.

There are a lot of genre you can choose from. It starts from sad music, happy music, electronic music, etc.

The downside of using Youtube Audio Library is that it will be more likely for your video to be seen cheap and as less creative as other people’s video. Well, no wonder. People are hunting for free music, especially Youtubers. So, you have to somehow compete with them.

How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing
How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing
  1. Music from the Reaper Audio Editing Library

Reaper has quite a lot of options when it comes to video editing background music. You can access the library that comes with the software. True that the option is rather limited. But, compared to using free music from Youtube together with millions of people out there, you still have a little glimpse of creativity and uniqueness in your video.

How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing
How to Get Free Music for Reaper Video Editing
  1. Visit the Music Web No Copyright

There are lots of website that can give you free music. Seriously, tons of them. True that they are not 100% unique (because it’s free, so really, what are you expecting?). But, they can come up as unique as it is because the chance of having your video has the same background music as others are virtually 0%, it’s just too many of them to give you a chance to choose identical music with others.

Pay attention to the format as well. Because it’s free, they’re not available in every format. Some songs are downloadable as mp3, wav, and aac, which are common formats for audio. But, some of them are just bizzare such as M4A, AJC, and many other bizzare format only some audio experts know.

But format issue shouldn’t be too much of a problem. If you are using Reaper, you can simply convert many audio formats into Mp3 before you put it in your video, thanks to Reaper.


How to Add Music to Your Reaper Video Editing Project

After you get your free music, you can now add that track to your video using Reaper Video Editor Software with these simple steps.

  1. Open your Video Project.
  2. Click on Add Audio Track
  3. Use the Trim Tool to fit the part of the music in the video.

We have other articles about combining video and audio on Reaper, make sure you check that out to make the best result of your video.

How to Edit Video Easily on Reaper Using Hidden Shortcuts!
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How to Edit Video Easily on Reaper Using Hidden Shortcuts!

How to Edit Video Easily on Reaper Using Hidden Shortcuts!. Video editing can be tough. Sometimes you need to catch a deadline. So, in order to make things faster than it usually is, you get to know some shortcuts.

How to Edit Video Easily
How to Edit Video Easily

Start Editing

Okay, before we get to the shortcuts, we better start with the editing process itself. First, open your Reaper application and click on “New Project”. Then, you’ll see some panels.

check out this link for editing video with vid reaper

To do the editing process, take the file on ‘Project’ panel and move it to the ‘Sequence’ panel. Video files placed in the panel will contain two formats, video, and audio. If you use external audio, you can move the audio in audio column 1 by removing the default audio. How:

Right-click on the file in ‘Sequence’ then select ‘Unlink’. Automatic video and audio files will separate and you can delete by clicking audio 1 and press ‘delete’ on the keyboard.

How to Edit Video Easily
editing process

In this part of the sequence,

you can cut the scene by scene. It’s easy to click ‘C’ on the keyboard and then press enter on the keyboard for the scene you want to cut. Delete the part that you don’t want to use.

There are lots of shortcuts that you can use on Reaper. However, we wouldn’t mention them all right here. But, we will give you the first aid. Yup, these are several popular keyboard shortcuts that you can use on Reaper.

  • CTRL + N = New Window / New Project
  •  + SHIFT + T = Add Song
  •  + A = Choose the whole track
  •  + O = Open Project
  •  + SHIFT + S = Save As
  •  + Z = Undo
  •  + S = Save
  •  + SHIFT + Z = redo
  •  + R = Repeat previous step with exactly the same parameter
  • + F = Find your sequence

As you can see, many shortcuts are just standards. Hopefully, by using these shortcuts, you can do the editing process more efficiently. However, it takes time to remember them all. But along with an increasing working hour on Reaper, you will get over it.

How to Edit Video Easily
How to Edit Video Easily

Rendering Process

If the video you have edited and become a complete story. Then it’s time to do the rendering process. In contrast, to photo editing files that only have to be ‘Save As’ only, to produce a long video a process of unification is known as rendering.

This process takes a long time depending on the duration and quality of the content to be produced. The more complicated the editing process, the rendering process will certainly take hours. Make sure you have an adequate computer or laptop!

To render, click ‘File’ located in the top left corner. Then select ‘Export’ and ‘Media’.

A pop-up setting window will appear. You will be asked to set the video format (.mp4, .avi, .3gp, etc.). If you want to produce the best quality check the ‘Use Maximum Render Quality’ option.

If you are sure of the settings please click ‘Export’. Then the rendering process will run. Wait until it gets to 100%.


How to Develop a Good YouTube Channel with Reaper
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How to Develop a Good YouTube Channel with Reaper

How to Develop a Good YouTube Channel with Reaper. Creating video content for Youtube is not for everyone, maybe that’s true. However, there is no harm in trying something. So, if you are new on Youtube video making, these are several things you need to pay attention to in order to be successful as a content creator.

also check this link for more editor tips

  1. Do not focus too much on the system

For you beginners, you don’t need to bother looking for ways to get a lot of subscribers. Many things must be prepared when you begin to seriously pursue YouTube content.

It’s good, you focus on what keyword research is right for the video title and how you can continue to produce videos with a consistent schedule.

How to Develop a Good YouTube
Good YouTube Channel with Reaper
  1. Know your audience

When you start to seriously work on content on your YouTube channel, you need to get to know your target audience. What is their hobby? What issues or topics will interest them?

All of this may seem simple but tends to be ignored by content creators. Don’t be quick to assume that you know very well what YouTube viewers want and need. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little research so that your YouTube content will be more alive.

How to Develop a Good YouTube
Good YouTube channel
  1. Plan your pre-production content first

Quality videos do not happen instantly. They need to be made with pre-production planning and careful planning.

At least this is what you need to prepare:

  • Shooting list (list all the different shots or scenes that you need)
  • Storyboard
  • Property
  • B-roll (additional recording that will make your story come alive when edited)
  1. Maintain Video Quality Still Good

Use a good and simple editing software, such as Reaper. If the quality of the video you make is good enough, then it will make it easier for them to hook a success.

The reverse also applies, you should not expect much if you still make videos with low quality, which causes viewers to dislike it.

The following includes the basic factors that need to be considered to maintain video quality

How to Develop a Good YouTube
good video quality
  • Sound.
  • How to deliver it.
  • Video sound doesn’t have to be good. The important thing is clear, and not disturbed by other sounds.
  • The delivery method also does not have to be smooth, like the presenter. The important thing is, you try to be easily understood by the audience.

If these two factors have been determined, the next steps do the following tips

  • Linking Videos of the Same Discussion. For example, you have made the first video on how to plant jasmine flowers in front of the house. If you plan to make a second video with the title of how to plant jasmine on a plantation, then the first video you can put in the second video description. The important thing is, you should not link videos where the subject matter is much different.
  • Displaying an Interesting Trailer at the Beginning of the Video. The reason is quite simple, namely so that the audience is curious and attracts their attention to watch the video that you created.

By following those tips above, plus using Reaper as your video editing software, you can give the best content for your channel every day, thanks to Reaper’s simplicity.

How to Combine Audio and Video on Reaper Video Editor
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How to Combine Audio and Video on Reaper Video Editor

How to Combine Audio and Video on Reaper Video Editor. Sometimes, you need to do many things with your video editing. But sometimes you also need to do a simple thing and one of them happens to be adding audio to your video.

Why Would You Need To Add Audio To Your Video?

Well, there are many reasons why you need to do so. Here are the possible conditions in which you need it.

  1. You are making a song cover video clip. If you are doing so, then adding your vocal and music to your video clip is an absolute necessity.
  2. You are recording with a separate audio recorder. Some people, especially situs judi poker and YouTubers, do this. Sometimes their cameras don’t have a good quality microphone, in which case, an external audio recorder becomes important.

Whatever the reason is, now you need to combine the two different things. How would you do that? Here is the step using Reaper video editor software.

How to Combine Audio and Video on Reaper Video Editor
How to Combine Audio and Video on Reaper Video Editor

How to Combine Audio and Video on Reaper

Adding audio files to the video will certainly give a cool dramatizing effect. Whether it’s just adding sound effects, background, ambiance, or maybe just instruments. There are actually many ways to combine video and audio.

One of the ways is by using the latest Reaper 2020 software. Where we can easily import MP3, WAV, AAC format audio files. After that, you can directly combine the audio into the video being edited.

How to Combine Audio and Video on Reaper Video Editor
Adding audio files to the video

In addition, this software also provides many audio effects that can be used to improve audio quality. You don’t need high computer specifications to use the Reaper application, just to insert audio into video. So no need to worry about performance. Just try it immediately.

Steps to Combine Music Audio (Mp3, Aac, Wav) to Video

  • Open Reaper> Then create a New Project
  • Enter the name of the project and select the location for the save project> Press OK
  • Create a new project at Reaper
  • Creating a New Project
  • Next, click the FILE menu> IMPORT
  • Search for the video that you want to provide audio/music
  • Add music to video
  • Import Video and Audio
  • Next, import Audio / Music files (Mp3, WAV, AAC, MP4)
  • Create a new sequence> Right-click the Video File> New Sequence from Clip
  • Then the new sequence will be timed editing
  • Drag audio/music that you want to join to the bottom of the video
  • Next, adjust the VOLUME of the Music
  • How to Add Music to Video with Reaper
  • Adjust Audio Gain
  • Right-click on the green Audio section> Select Audio Gain
  • If the music volume is set. You can render the video directly. By pressing CTRL + M
  • In the Render Dialog view, you select the format as H.264
  • Wait until the rendering process is complete!

Hopefully, this short tutorial is useful for those of you who are looking for ways to combine audio and video on Reaper (Mp3, Wav, etc.).

Some people really doubt that Reaper has such a feature. Well, they have no idea. Reaper has gone far beyond audio-only editing software. This is proof that you can do such a professional video editing job with this amazing free software.

How to Combine Audio and Video on Reaper Video Editor
Combine Music Audio
5 Mistakes only Fool Beginner Video Editors Make
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5 Mistakes only Fool Beginner Video Editors Make

5 Mistakes only Fool Beginner Video Editors Make. Video editing is one of the most important post-production steps. Whether you are uploading it to YouTube or to any other platform, you can’t post videos without editing, no matter how good your video is when it was taken.

check this link for editing video like a pro

So, let’s jump to the main topic. Before you start editing your video using Reaper Video Editor software, make sure you know these editing mistakes only fool beginners make.

  1. Video Full of Images

The most common thing we see on YouTube is a video that only displays a few pictures. Obviously, this certainly has less value in the eyes of the audience, including me, and you guys. Therefore, if you are a beginner editor. Try to edit using your own footage. It can be taken using a cellphone camera, DSLR camera, or a Go-Pro camera.

This is certainly better than you just making a video using images (not to mention the Google translate sound). However, take it easy if you still want to make videos using images, I suggest you make them not static and must use images with high resolution.

5 Mistakes only Fool
5 Mistakes
  1. Poor Storyline

For those of you who are only beginner video editing certainly do not understand this. When you finish taking footage. Then the next step is editing, this is where we need the name of the storyline so that the results of our video can be more interesting than just editing the video, we just need to continue to add transitions, then love the text.

What is the point? The point is as a connector of the integrity of the video so that it does not look jumping when edited. Of course, it’s very bad. Not the purpose of mocking other people’s content.

5 Mistakes only Fool
Poor Storyline
  1. Poor Back Sound Selection

Yes, song or back sound in video editing is very important. So that the video does not look dry and more contained, then in addition to the storyline, the back sound selection is also important. However, make sure the background that we use matches the theme of the video.

5 Mistakes only Fool
Poor Back Sound Selection
  1. Bad Color Grading/Video Coloring

If this is of course you already know, coloring our editing results is very important so that the image does not look flat and rough. So for you beginners to try grading your videos to taste. If you feel the grading is good enough, please proceed to add some text as a description of the video.

  1. Poor Choice of Effect or Symbol

Last but not least, pay attention to effects and symbols. Most beginner editors like to add effects that are incompatible with their videos. He said to look cool but actually looks tacky. For example, text that suddenly hovers everywhere, symbols, or emoticons that cover the video. Not only will it block the true message of the video, it just makes it look tacky and disgusting.

Okay, so now you know what happens when you start editing without proper knowledge. You can at least avoid those mistakes above to some degree so that even if you are a beginner, you don’t embarrass yourself with your poorly edited video.

What Features Should the Best Video Editor Have?
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What Features Should the Best Video Editor Have?

The development of video camera technology for several years is fairly rapid. Video cameras have evolved both in terms of size and technology used so that more and more users. Even now a mobile phone is already equipped with a quality video camera feature that is satisfying.

Not enough video recording, we are often driven to create more creativity. For example editing videos that are owned for personal documentation or to be shared through social media. If you are a creative professional who has brilliant ideas, editing software is the right way to compile pieces of moving images into a wholes that is good to watch.

Now, as the video camera develops, video editing software is now certainly more and more. Some of them offer many interesting features that can help us realize creativity such as kiu kiu online, Adobe Premier Elements, CyberLink PowerDirector, Vegas Video Editing, and so on. You can consider the following criteria before choosing which video editing software to choose.

Video Capture / Playback

This feature works to import videos from video cameras into computers with various formats. A video editing software must have this feature to help you move images from the video camera to the computer. You also have to see how well the program will play the video during the editing process. Some applications have intermittent video players making it difficult to see the final product.

Best Video Editor
Best Video Editor

Ease of use

There is nothing more frustrating when you buy an application that is difficult to use. Therefore, choose video editing software that is quite simple / easy to use according to you. There is no point in buying the program if it makes the job more difficult. Vid Reaper is the winner of this. It is the most convenient software there is for video editing.

Editing Tools

This is the part where we can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the video editing software that we buy. The more complete the editing tools the software has, the easier it will be for us to realize our creativity in the video. Tools that need to be available include storyboarding and timeline layouts, video stabilizers, and the ability to add text to videos.

Export / Production

After creating with editing, of course we want to immediately see the end result right? Now, with this export / production option we can save edited movies / videos. But keep in mind, good software also provides a variety of video storage formats, for example MPEG, AVI, MOV, and so on.

Export or Production
Export or Production

Effects / Transitions

This feature is very vital and must be in the video editing software. This feature serves to “refine” the change of one image to another, so that the image does not appear to jump roughly. Some software / applications even provide 3D effects to produce a more vivid image.

Disc Creation

Unlike the export features above, the Disc Creation feature functions to make edited movies present in formats such as CDs or DVDs. Has a menu, dividing the film into several chapters, and so on. Usually software that is already equipped with this feature will also be able to burn CDs or DVDs directly.

More or less, those are some features that you should consider when choosing video editing software. But please also note that video editing software usually requires high computer specifications.

5 Video Transition That You Can Do With Vid Reaper
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5 Video Transition That You Can Do With Vid Reaper

Transition makes a movie / video more enjoyable to watch. The video transition will be more successful if the audience does not feel the transition. The presence of a transition is always there, but not realized. Transitions are sometimes overlooked as part of the discussion even though in every video there must be a transition used. Here are some different types of transitions that you need to understand and use:

  1. Dissolve

The type of transition that is often applied is dissolve. The Dissolve technique is a slow transition technique from one image to the next. Using this ceme online technique from, during the transition, your two pictures will look like they are stacking on top of each other. The first image slowly disappears, while the next image becomes clearer. Sooner or later the Dissolve transition takes place depending on the choice of each filmmaker.


Dissolve becomes a way to show deeper meaning, connect scenes, and even influence the film’s special effects. Besides Dissolve can also indicate a change of a long time, for example the turn of the year, season, and so on. The emergence of the Dissolve transition is arguably rare because the transition style is quite striking.

  1. Wipe

If Dissolve is a type of transition that gives a subtle impression until the transition is not realized, Wipe is the opposite. Wipe is not gradual, there is a clear line ‘delete’ the previous image and replaced by the next image. Wipe has a variety of shapes ranging from Wipe from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, bottom to top until Wipe is getting smaller in circles. There are also stars, diamonds, and clockwise lines.

  1. Cutaway

As the name suggests, cutaway is an editing technique that inserts other images in the same scene and still deals with character actions briefly and then returns to the previous image. For example when a character is in the house and the phone rings. The cutaway is a phone that is ringing, then returns to the character.

  1. Split

Also known as the L Cut, the beginning can be traced back to the analog era. To do this editing process, the image strip is cropped and leaving only the audio strip. This piece forms an “L” so it is called an L Cut.


The result of this L cut transition is images with different audio, audio with different images. With this technique experimentation is usually done and filmmakers can be more flexible to bring together the desired images and audio.

  1. Fade

Generally there are two types of fade, fade in and fade out. Images that slowly appear gradually are called fade in. Conversely, an image that slowly disappears is called fade out. This fade in and fade out transition is usually used to mark the beginning or end. It can also be placed in the middle if the scene experiences a beat.

Unlike Dissolve, images that are given a fade transition do not overlap with other images, therefore a background color is required. There are two colors that are usually used as background, namely black and white. Fade in / out to black is far more common than fade in / out to white.

How to Edit Video like a Pro
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How to Edit Video like a Pro

Now to record a moment with video media is even easier. One can use a digital camera or even a cellphone to get it. But, that does not mean the resulting image can be as cool as the shows on TV. There is an editing process that must be passed to make the ‘raw’ video look interesting.

The process itself is easy, especially if well studied. Moreover, currently many tutorials are spread on the internet. But, to get better and quality results, editors need to apply the following tips:

Import Video

Before entering the editing stage, the first thing to do is to move the raw video into the application software. Simply open the folder where the video is placed, hold and drag it to the application that has been opened. Alternatively, press the file menu and open, then select the video you want to edit. Generally, the software will change the video in a certain format, according to the form and application used.

import video
import video

Eliminate unnecessary parts

It’s a good idea to always sort through the content that you want to display so the video results are cooler. If it is a compilation of several moments, the sorting is important, but still connected and able to make an impact after being watched. Similarly, if the video type of live action. In essence, insert images or scenes that really need to be displayed and delete unnecessary parts. This is so that the duration of the video is shorter and does not make people bored when seeing it.

Use Some Necessary Effects (not too much)

Video recording can be maximized by providing several effects. The picture will look more alive and interesting to watch. There are various transitions that can be used, for example adjust, blur, sharpen, add images and text and much more. Please be creative by trying these filters one by one. For example, the title text can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of the video. Or add certain animations to make the video look entertaining.

Use Some Necessary Effects
Edit Video like a Pro and use Some Necessary Effects

But, don’t overdo it in inserting the effect because besides being tacky, it will eliminate the impression or the message you want to convey. Use only what is needed so that people are more comfortable when watching and can catch the message they want to say.

Enter music as a final touch

Besides effects, videos are also more lively when given backsong or background music. So, as long as the film runs, there are instruments that go along with it. But, do not carelessly choose music, adjust to the video topic. For example, for a themed tutorial, embed upbeat or mid-beat genre music. When inserting songs with vocals or lyrics, keep the voices of the singer and the person who speaks the dialogue clashing. Or, enter vocals in the section where there is no dialogue. Also adjust the change of shots and speed with the beat of the music used.

That’s you manage to get your video edited like a professional TV video editor with Vid Reaper. Now, it’s time to put it on practice.

Content Creator Tips for Video Editing with Vid Reaper
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Content Creator Tips for Video Editing with Vid Reaper

Being a content creator certainly can not be separated from video editing activities that have become daily activities. Especially if a creator has just pursued the world of editing. Not infrequently many questions and various difficulties arise in the process. For those of you who are confused about the world of editing, here are 5 video editing with Vid Reaper tips that are usually done by professionals.

  1. Tidy up the project material

When editing a project, image data that has been collected is usually moved away without any selection and classification of image categories. This makes a video project have raw data sources in various places that will make us confused in looking for data sources of images, music, or graphics.

Video Editing with Vid Reaper
Video Editing with Vid Reaper

To overcome this, you should make it a habit to create a central folder when starting a project. The folder is used as the main source of data that will be used in the editing process. You can save data based on categories such as videos, Idnplay Poker,  photos, graphics, music, sound effects, and others. This will make your video project more organized and save time in accessing data search.

  1. Use a custom keyboard shortcut

The ability to edit quickly and flexibly is a major factor required of an editor. Sometimes the speed of editing will be hampered because of the shortcut keys on the editing software used. In Vid Reaper, there are many shortcut you can use to make things faster.

There are some editing software that has a custom keyboard shortcut feature where you can set the keyboard shortcut as you wish. Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the editing software that supports this feature. In editing with Adobe Premiere Pro, there is a shortcut trick that allows editing shortcuts to be done only by the left hand only.

3. Use color grading

Adjusting the colors in an image can be the point that distinguishes the mood in a video. By adjusting the color, a series of scenes can be felt to bring a cheerful, sad or tense impression. To practice this you can copy from a variety of films or videos that can be found on Youtube. There are various color grading techniques ranging from manual grading, lummetry, to presets that are already available.

Use color grading
Video Editing with Vid Reaper using color grading

4. Choose the right output format

The last step that must be done in a video editing process is to make a series of editing into a file. Know first what video you have made will be used for. Is it to be uploaded to the Youtube channel, for the purpose of Instagram videos, or to be shown on an event?

Each requirement has a different output specification, so you need to choose the right format according to your needs. For example if you upload this video on Youtube, then set the video format with characteristics that can be used for Youtube starting from the file format, duration, and magnitude of the resolution of the video. It’s different if you intend to upload a video to Instagram. Instagram limits the duration of the video to 1 minute. So we must pay attention to things that must be set according to the platform that will be used.

Your Video has a Bad Quality Audio in it? Do this!
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Your Video has a Bad Quality Audio in it? Do this!

In order to record the depth of an object, the videographer needs to do full zoom-in and blur the background. However, this step sometimes makes the sound produced by the object not recorded clearly. The solution, recording must be done twice, from close range to take the voice and from a distance to get the desired image. When editing, audio obtained up close can be inserted into a video recorded remotely.

Use the Noise Filter

Even though the video is recorded in a really quiet room, there is still noise generated when the volume editing process is increased. The fix is ​​to use the noise filter available in video editing applications.


If the recording sound is difficult to hear or has a lot of noise, do dubbing (change of sound) on the video. Although a little complicated, but effective enough to overcome the two problems.


Audio Normalization

The purpose of normalizing audio is so that the sound produced can be balanced. For example, the video is given a song as a background. In order to make music not too prominent or dominate the film, audio normalization needs to be done. Make the sound fit, not too loud, but also not too slow, so it does not interfere with the contents of the video displayed. The key is to pay attention to the audio meter bar which usually moves up and down when the movie is playing. Do not let the sound level exceed the existing limit.

Audio Normalization
Audio Normalization

Check again

Before pressing save, you should check the video that was just edited. Watch from beginning to end to find out if there are errors or parts that have been added. This step must always be done so that the film produced is good and satisfying.

Patience is needed when someone is editing a video, given the slightly complicated process. Starting from choosing images that are clear and have good angles, insert animations and transitions, insert music to adjust audio. It must be done as well and neatly as possible so that the details of the video are seen and heard clearly.

In addition, video editing also requires a long time. Just a 4 minute film can spend a whole day to edit it. Even so, do not give up so that the video you want to watch can be satisfying.

Some professional editors have submitted tips that need to be done if someone wants to succeed in the profession. According to Arfadia Maijon Gafitri’s Motion Graphic Designer and Video Editor, an editor must have an artistic sense, skills related to audio and video.

They should be sensitive to the world, sharp reasoning, high initiative, adaptive and responsible ability, able to work in teams and be healthy and healthy and not illiterate. An editor must also be able to imagine, have an artistic soul. They also need to possess technical skills in the field of editing and have a taste, both in programs that contain drama and comedy so that their edits can reach the audience.

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Who is Vid Reaper for Exactly?

Vid Reaper is now has become one of the most recommended tools to boost up tour traffic for video marketing. The online market has changes from time to time. Nowadays, you can see that the dynamic has also changed. That is why you need to keep up with the changes and dominate the market  because it is such a fierce battlefield.

If you cannot stay or improve then you’ll be out of the field. Internet marketing is a method to sell your brand in a form of products or services. Internet has unlimited access so that’s why it has become promising and profitable sources where you can find potential and loyal customers for dadu online

diablo 3
diablo 3

Video marketing on the other hand has been proved to be effective in attracting internet visitors. Video marketing is considered more approachable, accessible, flexible, and understandable. That is why it is effective online marketing that most people use these days. Through video, viewers can have better look about the brand you introduce to.

Who Vid Reaper for

However, video only will not do in internet market competition. You need something stronger and more reliable to help you drive traffic, especially buyer traffic who will increase your passive profit. That’s when you need vid Reaper. You might be curious as well to know who Vid Reaper for exactly is.

angel of death
angel of death

Basically, all who wants traffic without spending much money in more effective way can use Vid Reaper. This tool is basically for everyone in traffic demand such as:

  • List Builders – These people need to drive targeted visitors so that their landing page will be flooded with potential visitors. This tool helps to create video with more specific niche in order to generate traffic and leads.
  • Bloggers and content marketers – These people need specific videos which can maximize traffic as well as engagement. They mostly aim passive profit. Thus, this tool helps them to get it by optimizing blogs for ad revenue.
  • Video marketers – These people absolutely need Vid Reaper to research and video creation in more effective way to save time and money. They will know what type of video that will attract viewers more even before other competitors find it out. Thus, they can be one step ahead.
  • eCommerce sellers – These people use Vid Reaper to maximize conversion with products and niche videos. The main purpose is to get traffic so that more potentials buyers are drawn. As the result, the sale increases.
Why Should You Buy Vid Reaper?
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Why Should You Buy Vid Reaper?

It is not a secret that internet marketing is like a battlefield. You need stronger and more effective weapon to dominate others and be on top. That is the reason why you need Vid Reaper for your business. Video is now considered as one of the most effective marketing tool to attract potential customers.

With Vid Reaper, you can drive traffic which earns you potential buyers. Remember tat the dynamic of online marketing keeps changing. If you cannot catch up, you will be left behind and you business can be a failure.

buy vid reaper
buy vid reaper

Reasons to buy Vid Reaper

You need to remember that using video as a campaign or marketing tool is not cheap. In fact, it requires load of money as well as time. It is not easy to create quality video which can drive traffic consistently. Moreover, the competition is tough that you cannot just win by just run of the mill video.

You need something more special and specific to be on top rank on search engine like Google or YouTube where thousands videos are watched every month. With Vid Reaper, you have effective weapon to outrank other videos even with a simple advertising or campaign video.

buy vid reaper
buy vid reaper

The key you need to remember in earning more profit from your online business using Vid Reaper is not to create a video but to drive traffic. You can automatically drive targeted organic traffic straight to your offers. This video traffic machine has reliable database you can count on to. It consists of over 950,000 profitable video titles and topics to generate traffic.

Another reason why you should buy this reliable tool is because the system never goes out of the date. It works perfectly fine in 24/7 with live updating. You can even customize search and result-enter keywords. Thus, you can also make your own category to get result in specific niche. Then, you will be able to filter them based on your liking.

buy vid reaper
buy vid reaper

With this Vid Reaper, you will have more access to the stats behind 100 reserved videos. Not to mention that the update is completed with ranking blueprint consisted of keywords and backlinks you need badly. As the result, you earn your personal traffic source and outrank your competitors.

In addition, you can learn many things from step-by-step video tutorials. Thus, even if you are a beginner you can learn how to make profitable videos for your own YouTube channel and other platforms.

How and Why Vid Reaper is Profitable?
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How and Why Vid Reaper is Profitable?

Video marketing is a promising concept to attract customers for products or services you offer. However, randomly making videos is not going to help building your business. Online market is a fierce battlefield amongst thirsty people. You cannot make run-of-the mill videos because there are thousands uploaded on YouTube everyday.

You need to be on the top rank if you want to be recognized. This task sounds simple but the reality is not that easy. However, you can make differences by using reliable tool like Vid Reaper. This software is advantageous for online marketers who want to boost up their profit in the most effective way.

vid reaper
vid reaper

Making interesting and selling video is one thing. Building drive traffic and sales is another story though. With this tool though, you can make videos which can attract more viewers and help you generate more leads. As the results, you can make more sales simply and effectively.

Any type of video marketing can be made through this effective tool such as advertising videos, sales videos, as well as promotional videos. Even if you are new to video marketing, you won’t face so much hassle using this software.


YouTube is the second largest video search engine, following Google as the world’s largest search engine. Millions unique visitors search anything in YouTube. They need solutions and information of what they are looking for. If you can track what are they really looking for, you will be able to provide what they need. Thus, you can video that will attract them automatically.

As the result, you will earn more traffic, especially buyer traffic which are more profitable. Vid Reaper is profitable because it helps you to target your viewers specifically.

vid reaper
vid reaper

With Vid Reaper, you can determine topics, titles, and keywords of video which are more profitable specifically. Thus, you can create more specific niche as well to meet what people most search for. This tool is in fact more efficient because you can create video cheaply yet effectively drive profit. You are basically able to build a targeted buyer list by using this software.

Vid Reaper is profitable is also because you will be able to learn through world class training from a video niche marketing expert available in the package. You will learn how to rank as well as monetize videos in any niche effectively. Thus, you will be able to comprehend everything you need to know about the essentials of video effective video marketing.

How Vid Reaper Works in Internet Marketing
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How Vid Reaper Works in Internet Marketing

Internet is like a promising and unlimited land where you can earn profit by promoting your products or services in creative ways. One of the most creative and current marketing is where you can use video to raise brand awareness. This is called video marketing. To increase the effectiveness of this method, you need reliable tool such as Vid Reaper.

Through this vid, you can put your video to be on top of the list in search engine like Google and YouTube. Internet marketing is unlimited and free for everyone to try. However, the competition is fierce. You need the best weapon to dominate the market. And that is why lots of innovators create more effective and reliable tools or software to help building business industry.

vid reaper
vid reaper

Why trust Vid Reapers?

Vid Reapers works through reliable and efficient system and features. This tool helps you to drive traffic anywhere you want basically. Even without paying for ads, you can still maximize the traffic in any niche. Most people especially video marketers use this tool because it helps to earn passive profit in the most effective ways. This tool ensures that your personal traffic source won’t dry up. Everyone can use this tool to the max. In fact, it is perfect for any users such as affiliates, list builders, eCom vendors, social media marketers, and all those who need free traffic.

Anyone who markets online must have known that there are over one billion visitors to YouTube each month. This type on online activity is promising for online market. Billions people around the world watch unique videos every day. And the most important fact is that video help business goers to grow their revenue faster. The main aim of Vid Reaper is not to attract traffic but more of buyer traffic. That is how your business will grow.

vid reaper
vid reaper

Vid Reapers works effectively because it has system which can constantly filters through over 60 million YouTube videos ranking in Google. Therefore, when you enter a search term, there will be updated list of video results in your niche. The updated list is pre-qualified in terms of profitability as well as traffic. With this software, you can customize results based on what you are really after. As the result, there will be unlimited video topic, titles, as well as keywords which can help you build your videos round that have current with active buying traffic. That is how you are going to build your business and increase your passive profit.

Finding Out Features Available in Vid Reaper
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Finding Out Features Available in Vid Reaper

Vid Reaper is one of the most recommended tools by video marketers. Well, video marketing is now promising way to build business and earn profit. The system of video marketing is not that complex. It is just how video marketers use video to promote everything they want to sell such as product, service, etc. It aims to raise brand awareness amongst potential customers.

The content of video depends on what the marketers targeted. Some of them use certain type of campaign while others use to mix between testimonials from customers, live events, etc.

vid reaper
vid reaper

Using Vid Reaper software is a great choice because it synchronizes well with SEO. It is important to make your video to be on the top list on search engine like Google and YouTube. Video is easier tool for customers to see clearly the products or services they are interested in. It is more accessible, approachable, emotional and effective to appeal customers.

Advantages of Vid Reaper Video

However, video alone is not enough since there are millions videos uploaded every day. That is why reliable software like Vid Reaper is needed to boost up the rank and earn more viewers as well as potential customers. This tool is reliable and recommended because it has advantageous features such as:

  • This tool uses data from SEMRush as well as AHREFS so it can identify possible video topics targeted by video marketers. Remember that there are over 60 million videos on YouTube and Vid Reaper can crawl through all of them.
  • There is special feature of this tool where you can do pre-check through thousands videos with SEMRush. Thus, you can ensure which videos are worth targeting and ranking. This quality check-in is beneficial for you as video marketer to have more accurate results.
vid reaper
vid reaper
  • There is also video ranking blueprint you can get from this software. Basically, each video comes with basic ranking blueprints. However, you can get in-depth blueprints if you have membership for premium version. The in depth blueprints are absolutely more beneficial to use for video marketing.
  • In this software is included a proprietary algorithm in order to pre-qualify video topics. Thus, you can make sure that the videos are profitable for your business. Meanwhile, all videos that don’t meet the minimum search volume and value criteria won’t get into the database. This is why the feature in this Vid Reaper tool is more reliable and promising for your business marketing.